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My name is Sean Atkins! Founder, owner, photographer, and copyright holder of all images taken by Memories_Captured_By_Atkins located in New Jersey.  I was born and raised in New Jersey. I’ve been in love with taking pictures since 2002. I still remember me asking my mom to develop multiple photos for me when I was young. When I was young I had photos hanging on my room wall of family and friends. have bins full of photo albums… Pictures tell an amazing story that lasts forever. Taking pictures was a hobby for me that turned into a  business. I aim for “Quality over Quantity”. I take the time to get the best shots and not rush my clients. I love photography and also enjoy capturing those special moments with my clients. It is the moments that matter most, the love between people, the laughter, and even the tears. Photos are our treasures. Follow my amazing adventure with my lens. I will share all the photos I take with y'all.

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